Beautiful skin but how?

Beautiful skin but how?

If one asks what is the most important feature of an attractive face, the simplest answer is healthy skin - without which a beautiful face cannot be imagined. If you have acne pimples on your skin or if they are disreputable due to your dehydration, then all other goodness is reduced. So if you want to look absorbent, then pay attention to the safety of your skin first.

Before you become aware of skin care methods, you should know what is the texture of your skin, whether it is oily, dry or normal? Protecting the skin is also important in terms of texture. The methods are also different. There are usually three types of skin at the base of the body.

Smooth skin

This is the type of skin often seen in greasy or oily skin.

There are cells under this skin that release oil every time they come on the skin. It is the natural nature of the skin that cannot be changed, however, with appropriate measures it can prevent its damage. When a pimple comes out from underneath, it becomes an acne on the face. This should be done so that there is no oil on the skin. For this purpose, the face should be washed with good soap five times a day.

Washing from the basin is also useful. A good cleansing lotion or after-shave can also cleanse the face, reducing facial cleansing. We cannot replace such skin, but we can take precautions so that it becomes less expensive. Egg white mask is also very useful for smooth skin. The method is to separate the egg whites and paint them well.

After 15 to 15 minutes, rinse the face with fresh water. Avoid interaction with a mask, or it may cause wrinkles on the face.

Dry skin

It is a skin that needs external help to soften and adapt, that is, apply a cream or lotion to provide the necessary moisture and oil to the face, as it deprives the skin of internal oils and moisture. is.

It also has the advantage of not having acne, but due to dryness it looks rough, which causes serious damage to the skin. The more water applied to the skin, the more harmful it can be. The sun rises and the water dries up and the skin becomes more dry. Such skin requires a lot of care, especially in winter.

People whose skin is like this, their lips are also often cracked and lines also appear on the skin of hands. It is useful for moisturizing the skin and applying cold cream or lotion on it which will retain moisture in the skin. Moisturizers are also made under the same principle that moisturizes for a very long time. For dry skin, acne and massage of olive oil in egg yolk is very useful.

Medium skin

As is clear from the name, the skin is neither smooth nor itchy due to dryness. It is good to support the skin in every season, but one should also try to maintain a healthy skin tone. It is thought that such skin does not require protection and cleansing, you can lose the natural properties of your skin.

Cucumber mask is useful for such skin. This skin should be protected from excessive gall bladder so that it remains infected for longer.

The mention of facial protection is incomplete without makeup as most women do not fully understand their preparation without makeup. And sometimes due to lack of resources or knowledge, they put on so much makeup that their skin eventually causes severe damage. Saves.

The important thing is that makeup should not be done at all without facing the face all the time. Secondly, non-standard makeup of makeup is extremely harmful for the skin, due to which the skin loses its shine very quickly. - To minimize makeup makeup should be attractive and only standard items should be used for this.

It should also be remembered that makeup should not be done outside the home as it is strictly prohibited in Islam to display masculine adornment in front of non-men.

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