Delicious and healthy drinks in cold weather

Delicious and healthy drinks in cold weather

Winter is coming - in winter, where different colors of clothing make the personality smart. Many fruits are delicious to the tongue and provide nutrition to the body. Pomegranate, seasonal, canoe, carrot and carrot are winter solstice. In addition to hot soups in winter, many drinks made from natural ingredients add to the flavor of the season.

Fruit and milk

Hot fruits such as almonds, walnuts, raisins and cashews can be made into a delicious and nutritious drink.

This drink protects the body in cold weather. It can be made more tasty for children by adding chocolate or any other flavor to the child.

Milk and turmeric

Mixing turmeric in semi-hot milk and using it in winter gives the body a boost.

This milk makes bones strong and protects them from weakness.

Carrots, Malta Apples

A mixture of carrots, malt and apple is beneficial for health.

While useful for bones, apples have many beneficial properties for health. This drink eliminates anemia.

Ginger and Masala Coffee

Ginger coffee is useful in cold weather. By using honey in this bowl, the taste of this coffee is notorious, but it also increases its effectiveness.

Green tea

Green tea coffee is useful to reduce the effect of cold.

This tea can be used to increase its nutrition using fruits. If women start consuming some items at home regularly before the start of the season, not only will they be protected from cold, cough and malaria. It can also be avoided with problems like nausea, cold, chest tightness, phlegm and baby ribs.

Desi poultry eggs and meat soup are useful for people of all ages. Even hot tea contains mineral elements that stimulate the body to warm by bringing warmth and warmth to the body in winter. Tea in cold not only strengthens the body, but also the brain. Tea without milk contains ginger, salt, cinnamon, jaggery, brown sugar, black chocolate, cloves, honey, lemon juice, etc., so its usefulness increases.

Soy tea

In winter, soy tea is also useful. Add a teaspoon of dry or green soy to boiling water, cook it until it comes to boil, then add honey, Egypt, black salt, lemon curd or sugar, especially for the elderly and children. This will protect against the effects of cold and increase the strength of the immune system.

Ginger or ginger tea

Add an inch piece of powdered (dried ginger) or fresh ginger and double-dip in hot boiling water.

After boiling, turn off the stove. Taste and taste the desired salt, lemon juice, sugar, Egypt, honey.

Rose stalk

Boil fresh rose flower stalks or dried leaves of three to four stalks in two cups of water, strain them and add a pinch of pepper, salt or sugar, lemon vegetable or honey and drink hot.

This tea or sugar can be protected from the harmful effects of cold. It will also provide vitality and energy.

 Gul baboona is an herb that is now available at every major general store, grocery store or grocery store. Add gallon baboon tea in boiling water and cook it like tea. Nervousness relieves fatigue and stress.

Especially useful for students. This tea also eliminates sleep deprivation, cheapness, lethargy.

Khmer Village Language

The flowers and leaves of the Khmer village language are used in different ways. Flowers and leafy teas are consumed in winter. Those who are not sleeping and who are tired quickly, especially in winter school. Give children an hour before bedtime by putting flowers or leaves in boiling water and adding honey or sugar, sugar, etc. in boiling milk and drink it. Children will be protected from cold when they wake up in the morning.


Cassini is a valuable plant root that is easily found. Drinking and drinking water has the same taste as black coffee. It is useful in both cases with or without honey in winter. Prevents cold, cough, sore throat etc.

Place a few slices of its bark or root in boiling water for a few seconds and then taste and drink the desired saline or sweet.


Remove the parsley leaves from two cups of water with a stir.


Stir a few leaves of basil and it is useful for adding customized jaggery, sugar, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Another way to keep you from freezing is to drink fenugreek seeds, radish seeds, celery, cinnamon, nutmeg powder, black jaggery mixed with water.

Grape juice

Cannabis and Malta Family Fruits are related to grapefruit, with vitamin C being considered the most important ingredient in combating colds and flu. Apart from this it is also counted in antioxidants which protects the body from diseases.

tomato juice

Commonly used as vegetable, fruit tomatoes.

Tomato juice is especially beneficial in winter because it is rich in folic acid, steel and vitamins A and C.

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