A flash of red can accelerate focus

A flash of red can accelerate focus

When you need to make a harsh decision, just think about the last time you were angry.

One study suggests, but a little anger may actually help you choose better. Just don't work yourself in a rage. That situation still sends it out of the all-cause window.

Get lightly steamed, think straight

Researchers angrily put up state college chores and then asked them to read some arguments about students' spending habits. One argument was weak, the other strong. When they were little, students were able to understand strong reasoning. Why? Anger can trigger adaptive behavior - behavior that allows people to adjust to situations and make productive, creative choices.

But don't loose it

The fleeting moments of anger can keep you focused, but chronic stress and hostility will take a toll on your health - possibly increasing your risk of heart disease. Are you a kite? Try these anger management tips.

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