Health tips that are a complete lie

Health tips that are a complete lie

We all grew up believing certain health suggestions, without knowing the legitimate reasons behind them. It could be something that your mother or grandmother forced you to believe or a tip you took from health books. However, if you are blindly believing most of them, then it is time that you know the truth behind them - because something that you have been believing to be true for years is untrue only by authorized research / study Or can be customizable.

You should drink 8 glasses of water at all times: We are often told that we need to drink eight glasses of water every day to stay healthy. The basic thing to understand is that everyone is different and may have different requirements. Water intake depends entirely on weather conditions and physical activity. Therefore, the age old theory of everyone drinking only 8 glasses of water is wrong.

 Apples are healthy but when this popular saying was coined, at that time, apples were used to describe any round fruit. And this was not due to its 'unique' medicinal properties. So eat all the seasonal fruits and keep your immune system strong.

You need 8 minutes of sleep: One shoe fits all the principle is not right when it comes to health. Many articles talk about 8 hours of sleep every day for a healthy and happy life but it can be different for different bodies. There are people who sleep for 4 hours and still feel fresh the next morning, and others who may need 10 hours to rejuvenate their bodies. Therefore, find out how much sleep you need.

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