Do this for 20 minutes of skirt Alzheimer's

Do this for 20 minutes of skirt Alzheimer's

To reduce your risk of Alzheimer's by half, do this for only 20 minutes twice a week: take a walk.

Exercising twice a week for 20 to 30 minutes not only reduces the risk of Alzheimer's, but one study reduces it by 60 percent, but reduces the risk of dementia on a regular basis by half.

Lifestyle vs genes

In the study, midlife exercise proved to be important to reduce mental decline later in life. And those who had genes that made them susceptible to Alzheimer's found the greatest protective benefit from physical activity. Great to know that genes don't necessarily control your fate, right?

Little Effort, Big Rewards

Those involved in the study did not have to exercise hard to protect their brain. All this was taken in a week of moderate to intense workouts. Researchers suspect that exercise protects the brain by boosting the brain's ability to promote blood vessel health and repair damage. Here are three more great ways to retain your youngster:

feed it. This mind-blowing breakfast food can make you smarter.

support it. Taking these supplements can strengthen your memory.

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