What is adversely affecting the cardiovascular system?

What increases the burden of the heart? What is the cause of narrowing of blood vessels? What leads to very serious consequences?

In the lecture on 18 April 18:00 you will learn about the causes of heart and blood supply (internal and external causes).

You will learn:

How to avoid serious problems and diseases;
How to uniquely resist and strengthen the functioning of the heart;
What food the heart likes;
How to deal with heart and blood vessel diseases.

You will find cardiology tips and important health tips!

The lecture was conducted by IGOR Bulls. Doctor of Medicine, Chief Specialist at the International Center for the Advancement of Health Improvement, a member of the International Experts Association of Wellness Practices, the "Fundamentals of the Modern Methods for Active Healing" and Presenter of the Training Program

The language of the speech is Russian.

Expenses for 10 euros.

Recording by tel. 29723256

Address: Raga, Babavasa iela 103 - 23, Code 22.

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