The Fight of Psychology - Season 17 - Olga Dombrovskaya.

From June 16, in Riga, Health Psychology Center, a psychologist, magician, world-renowned healer, began taking on Olga Dombrowskaya - a participant in the "Psychological War - Season 17" project.

The gift of healing and foresight was transferred to Olga from her grandmother. Today Olga is already a loving, caring wife, a mother with many children and grandmothers.

Olga learned that he had a gift, aged 12-13 years. His first revelations were a vision of the future in the mirror.

Now he accepts people who need magical help. Olga is a white magician. He only deals with positive change in people's destiny.
Olga Dombrovskaya guarantees problems in her personal life and family business and improves her financial situation. He removes curses and spoils, predates and eliminates disease and infertility. Also, Olga works with difficult children and adolescents as a parapsychologist. According to him, parapsychology can help psychologists when powerless
For assistance, even security services turn to Olga. Olga received all diplomas and licenses in America.

Olga Dombroskier Services:
- The magic of business,
- Love is magic,
- Fate correction,
- Relationships within the family,
- Damage removal, curse,
- Prophecy,
- Diagnostics,
- Antique rituals and ceremonies for all occasions,
- Attraction of money and prosperity,
- A program for successful admission to an educational institution,
- A program for the successful outcome of legal activities,
- Work with tough kids and teens,
- The program for a child's pregnancy,
- Encoding of any kind of dependency (just at coded request),
- Includes psychological support for those who cannot be in Harmo U (when powerless psychologists).

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