Resonant Osteokinesis for Back Pain - A Course for Beginners!

Pay attention to everyone who cares about back, joints and muscles! On March 10, 14:00 we are inviting you to a Resonance Osteokinosis Course - a method of self-healing of the muscular system using LRT (Therapeutic Regeneration Training). In short, this method is a powerful "Home Bone Chuck".

The problem behind is so much concern. Sometimes a person suffers, suffers, rubs with ointment, rests on anesthetic cream and even strong pills, but the problem is not solved. And we've found an option for you! Training with special straps is enjoyable, extremely effective and easy. The method was developed by Osteokinesiologist Mikhail Vitalodovich Ivashkevich.

The benefit of the procedure is that the exercises can be performed individually at home, office, outdoors, beach, sports ground, etc. The initial sets of LRT exercises in the Home Bone Chopper Health Program are aimed at improving the spine - the main support of the body. They help in the formation of muscular-ligamentous corset that prevents spinal disorders, corrects postural disorders and relieves pain syndromes, and helps fight dormant and obvious physical inactivity and its consequences. Forcing the muscles to work in a particular way with the exercises of the Home Bone Chop exercise is a concentrated task with the whole body, as almost all parts of human life are involved in the maintenance of muscle movement. Directly dependent on the functioning of the muscles - respiration, digestion, blood circulation, hormones and the nervous system. Depending on the posture and human movement muscle tone. One of the causes of psychosocial processes is posture while physical condition affects mood. Normalizing and modifying posture and muscle tone causes dystonia, fear, and pain in the hips of the plant that is less prone to pain, which is encouraged by improper posture, movement and improper posture of the body, especially during sitting. Disease and treatment resonance training methods (LRTs) can assist in the treatment of disorders related to functional disorders: disorders associated with functional disorders can improve and improve the tone of postural muscles using the LRT method (shaking posture support muscles); Joint diseases can be treated with LRT methods that control and modulate synergistic (friendly) load distribution on them (the load goes to the muscles and ligaments) and accelerate the intercellular fluid flow between them, especially in the muscles. And the vessels themselves, as well as the joints themselves, infect the organism; Treatment of diseases related to Triesteva and obstructive trophism (strength of tissues and organs) by treating LRT therapeutic techniques (self-rocket pumping fluid in the body) for the purpose of controlling and modifying the basal vascular tone.

Training costs 35 euros. Everyone who wants to get acquainted with this procedure is free to enter the opening part (first 30 minutes) without paying.

The classes are run by Vladimir Sokolov, a master of oriental wellness practice, a doctor of technology.
Russian language.

Sign up and ask questions on the phone. 29723256. Seating is limited! Admission is by appointment only! A program will be sent to all who sign up.

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