Public event at the Health Energy Center

The Health Strength Center opens the door to introduce them to our experts periodically, talking about their methods and sources of health, success and well-being, classical cosmic methods, aromatherapy, proper nutritional approaches, meditation, positive psychotherapy, osteokinesis in everyday life and Numerology

The last open day was April 10th. Thanks everyone who came! Unfortunately, however, those who were there were not able to free the entire working day for all events. And we find a way!

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the International Classic Cosmogeny Federation, our center will not be celebrating a free day, but a whole month!
May - open doors a month! Don't believe how many events are waiting for you nowadays!

We're waiting for everyone
- People who want to improve their health and learn about a healing method that can be applied independently
- People who want to paint their mental portraits and learn about their talents, goals and important events in life!
- who just wants to learn to calm the mind through meditation,
- For those who are interested in numerology and want to know more about what the number means in their lives,
- For those who want to try the effects of aromatherapy and learn how to use essential oils,
- Who wants to evaluate and evaluate strength and body condition and disease status in auracams, crowns, or matatrons.
- Just curious, we are waiting for you too!

We have something to say! We know what everyone knows right!
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Your love
Health Energy Center

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