Meditation Training "Meditation Only"

Discover your tranquility. Love and Harmony! Itation meditation cleanses from negative thoughts, calms the mind, relieves emotional stress, frustration, irritation. Learn to meditate and just love!

We invite you to the "Just Meditation" course on May 31, 18:00

what is this?

The system - "Simple Meditation" - is much more than meditation, its main areas and goals: to calm the mind, open up the inner source of love and restore inner balance. Why are meditation techniques unique? Just meditation is an ancient practice that adapted to the needs of people who inherited from the Masters and lived in the modern world. There is scientific and medical evidence of a positive impact on people in practice.

for whom?

Meditation alone is a very powerful and at the same time very simple set of strategies for today's stranded people. Taking just 5-15 minutes a day can improve your family life, relationships with others, your productivity and your health.

A set of general meditation techniques allow you to experience the true depth of meditation and experienced meditators and those who have not meditated before.

Just meditation is a set of nine exercises to do:

Continually calm the active mind
Open a spiritual heart, activate inner love;
Improve internal balance.

Just meditation techniques teach us to control our mind and not let us control the mind. They teach you to harmonize with yourself and to create a healthy, peaceful and successful world around you.

General meditation techniques are recommended by anyone:

Wants to be more balanced
Wants to achieve great harmony and love in life and in relationships.
Suffering severe stress and a busy schedule.

They help relieve unnecessary, relax, and tune in to the tremors of the heart. There are techniques that you can practice at the right time and in the right place. No prior knowledge or physical preparation is required to attend the course. We look forward to both experienced meditators and newcomers.

The course was taught by internationally recognized teacher Irina Baida, vice-president of the European Federation of Wellness Technologies.

Russian language.
Participants will receive a "Meditation Guide" with a description of the strategies.

Duration: 3 hours
Partnership fee: 40 euros.

Venue: Brabavas Ila 103 - 23, Code 22, Raga

Payments can be made in cash or on account:

Health Power Center, Swedenbank,

BIC / Swift Hubblev 22,

Account LV54HABA0551044682289

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