Massage Tactics Training of the Rindrop Technique - "Raindrops"

We invite you to the course on February 17 at 12:00 pm to teach you the Rindrop Technique massage technique. A unique massage was invented using the Rain Drop technique and borrowed from the Lakota Indians. This massage technique was patented by American naturopath Gary Young. It combines aromatherapy and reflexology. Raindrop massage is a minimally invasive technology, and thanks to the "intelligence" of essential oils it has an antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The result - the natural bend of the spine is restored.

It's difficult to describe the sensitive experience of rindrop therapy, you have to feel it yourself, but you only need to talk about the benefits:

Restoring the natural flow of energy, as a reflection of the energy flow that occurs when certain areas of the foot are released. This effect in reflexology known as piezoelectric enhanced by the electromagnetic force of essential oils allows you to restore damaged neural connections.
Traction traction of the spine.
Relieving spinal pain: Spinal pain and inflammation cause existing infectious seizures, as confirmed by a 2001 study conducted by doctors at the Royal Hospital in Birmingham, England.
Reducing inflammation in the body: Use of essential oils with a high content such as carvacrol and phenol, known as natural anti-inflammatory drug, such as grosanka, thyme and mint.
Disruption of viruses and bacteria to the spinal cord: These bacteria and viruses become active from the sleep state when the immune system becomes weak.
Spinal alignment without manual exposure: The same infectious microorganism disrupts the spinal muscular system, which can lead to deformity, curvature, and diseases such as scoliosis.
Sensitive wellness and a sense of release. Essential oils reach the limbic system through the blood brain barrier, which regulates emotions.
Muscle relaxation: causes muscle tension injury, pain, tremor, stress. The essential oils have antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties.
Improve blood circulation: Essential oils have the property of stimulating blood circulation.
Lymphatic System Clean, Detoxification: Essential oils improve oxygen supply to cells as potent antioxidants, improve metabolism by removing toxins.
Restoring immune system functioning: Essential immunomodulating oils support the immune system, cleansing the body of toxins, viruses and bacteria.
Restoring sleep and calming the mind: The technique itself, its gentle activity and use of essential oils, which lead to natural cure of insomnia, relaxation, improve the process of sleep and restore the sleep cycle.
Relieving Anxiety and Stress: Essential oils cause high sensual lifestyle pleasure and happiness and help release negative sensations stored subconsciously at the cellular level.

Bring to class:

2 large towels
Young Living Rindrop Technique Kit with 9 Essential Oils and Massage Oil (Call us if you don't have it, we will order a set for you, or we will provide training oil for an additional fee).

After training, a suffix is ​​issued.

The cost to participate is 50 euros.

Limited number of seats! 29723256 Phone recording maintenance.

Address: Brabavas Ila 103 - 23, Code 22, Riga

Language is Russian, Latvian.

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