Kinnergetics: Presentation with a Demonstration (free entry)

On June 4, 2019 at 18:00 we invite you to a presentation with a demonstration of KINERGETIKA-Kinesiology (author's method by Philippa Rafferty, Australia) on a very interesting and useful method. 103 - 23, Code 22. Telephone. KinRajika is a fast and understandable way to solve many problems in a person's life.

what is this

Kinorgetics is a versatile system in kinesiology, which is based on muscle tests and techniques to restore a repressed human archive as a result of mental stress. Originally knowledge from Chinese medicine

what for

Kinnergetics exposes the physical and psychological causes of various problems, balances the body's energy system and restores the body's natural ability to self-repair. Kinnergetics encourages a natural return to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as the attainment of one's life force.

What gives

Thanks to its Kinargetics tools:

Quickly and easily locate a damaged "file" with information and restore the natural harmony of body and mind.
Relieves pain and emotional stress quickly.
Improves the process of moisturizing the body, thus addressing the major causes of most problems.
Destruction in the unconscious program spreads programs that block positive changes.
Improves muscle flexibility and endurance for athletic performance.
By integrating the brain solves learning problems.
Dyslexia, dysgria, dyslexia - eliminates learning problems
The system of beliefs and beliefs drives an ineffectual and self-destructive attitude.
Improves lymphatic and circulatory conditions.
Balance the work of the Chinese meridian system.
The body begins the process of detoxification.
Restores the muscles of the temporomandibular joint
Improves vision - Resolves chronic, sensitive and physical conditions
Works with many addictions
Demonstrated positive results in dealing with allergies.
Allows to resolve relationship issues
It helps you understand yourself and find your calling.
And much more.

Kintergetics is a valuable method, both based on exercises that extend the range of tools to work in the body for personal development and the startup of a new career, as well as the professional development of psychologists, psychotherapists, massage therapists, physicians and social workers.

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