Healing and Self-Development Using Cosmoenergy: What Is It?

In the lecture you will learn the origins of the method, its essence, and of course all of these functions. Also, you will find valuable and interesting knowledge about human power-informational structures and the spiritual world of the universe.

February 7, 2019 18:00 Lecture "Healing by Cosomenergy". Cosmoenergy - based on modern knowledge - admission is free (without payment) for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the unique method of modernity. The method is a practical doctrine confirmed by scientific and medical research and patents of Euro-certified laboratories.

Today the only organization in the world is the Cosmogenera Federation which is part of the Global Alliance of Health Workers from the World Health Organization! Thus, in addition to restoring coalition health, immunity and bioavailability, the method suggests applying it to psychology, curriculum, veterinary medicine, and other areas of human life.

Thousands of people around the world, using the cosmogeneracy method, have improved or regained their health, energy and immunity, have been relieved of mental stress and depression, resulting in improvement in their fate and living conditions. The main postulates of cosmosurgery are the release of people from pain, suffering and suffering. Enough to be in the dark: It's time to learn the tools to create a healthy, powerful and successful life!

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