Essential oils in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases

The first lecture from January 31st 18:30 to 20:00 "Aromatherapy: How to deal with diseases with essential oils"

You will learn:

; What is psychosomatics and how it affects health;
• how interconnected diseases and emotions;
কীভাবে How aromatherapy works in psychosomatic disorders;
• Essential oils that will help reduce or prevent the consequences.
In the lecture you will be familiar with the essential oils, feel both the aroma and the smell.

Over the years, a person may complain of pain, restlessness - but at the same time get a good test. And it is sometimes very difficult to establish the true cause of suffering. In the lectures, we will examine what psychosomatics are and how we can use essential oils to heal.

From the perspective of psychosomatics, our diseases are the hidden desires, fears and conflicts, crowded with ignorance.
Constant emotional stress and anxiety are a person that exacerbates stress. Body defects and stresses feel themselves in the form of physical symptoms. Aromatherapy is ideal for helping with psychosomatic ailments, as essential oils work on many levels including very fine ones. Essential oils help to reduce the physical symptoms of the disease while acting on the sensitive causes of anxiety in them.
Come and learn lots of useful and interesting things!

Address: Bravasbas Ila 103 - 23, Riga.
Admission: 15 Euros

We also offer online participation via Skype.

Lectured by: Irina Baidke - Member of the World Health Organization, Head of the European Federation of Wellness Technologies.
The language of the speech is Russian and Latvian.
Please tell us about your participation by calling 29723256

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