Course: Healing by Cosmoenergy

The effectiveness of cosmenery surpasses any other alternative medicine and cure! Furthermore, cosmogeny is an effective way of working with yourself and a tool for self-development and spiritual growth!

On the first day of training, on July 25, 18:00, admission is free (unpaid) for anyone who wants to get acquainted with cosmogenerae and improve their health, restore strength, purify their energy, build defenses, learn. Successful and significantly improving your life! And also determine if you have the desire to learn this method.

The classical cosmological method developed by E. Bagirov is a physically equitable and scientifically proven method of practical application of energy information channels. Channels can be the logical governing power of the universe and have a positive impact on people, animals, plants and the environment. The method is not disguised and has nothing to do with religions.

Training takes 4 days. Special abilities are not required: every person is capable of working with energy.

The training program is licensed. Upon completion of the training, a Certificate (APLCBA) was issued, after which it was possible to join the Federation and obtain certificates for cure for the European Federation of Cosmosurgery and Wellness Technology.

Everyone knows how to practice immediately after training. The acquired knowledge and techniques are the tools you use to change your life and help change others (a significant increase in healing, purification, immunity, improving quality of life and relationships).

Today, there is no need to prove the reality and effectiveness of space energy. Over the past 25 years, a considerable amount of scientific and medical research has been carried out, receiving patents for treating various diseases - the basis of which the Cosmosurgery Federation joins at the World Health Organization (WHO).

You will learn:

- Conduct energy diagnosis;

- Determine: states of the chakras, internal organs, presence or absence of "bindings" (energy leakage channels), negative effects, energy accumulation in the aura, geopathic regions.

- Eliminate stress, fear, frustration.

- Eliminate negative magical, psychological and energy-informational influences (popularly known as wicked eyes, plunder, crown of brahmacharan, patriotic curse);

- Create energy protection for yourself and your family.

- Restore and harmonize the functions of the cycles.

- Block geopathic areas.

- Develop significance and vision, the secret power of the Italians.

- Improve results in sports, study, creativity, career, work, finance. And so forth

- Apply channels received by startup.

- Work with pendants and dosing frames.

- Get information from the subtle world.

- Work as a fitness session professionally (for people and for yourself) and apply it immediately after training (to clear energy, increase immunity, eradicate disease, restore and strengthen health, strengthen body, relieve infertility. Etc.).

- Relieve pain.

- Work from a distance and diagnose photography, phantom, as well as work, diagnostics, wellness and online cleaning sessions.

- Clean up vibrant food, decor, housing, office, cars, products, items and more

- Clean the house from negativity.

- Structure (charge) water, salt, cosmetics etc. with energy

- Addiction and "attachments" (eliminate alcohol, tobacco smoking, drug addiction, obesity, gambling, "attachment" to the dead, etc.).

And much more.

The training is led by Victor Beyadak, Vice President of the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation (experience transferring the procedure to thousands of students and patients worldwide).

The language of instruction is Russian.

Preliminary 160 course courses 160 euros (an initiation); 350 euros (three initiatives) at the start of training. Action - 20 Jul 20: 128% advance with 20% advance course payment; 280 euros (three initiatives).

You can make cash payments at the office here:

Raga, Brabavas Ila 103-23 ​​Code 22

Or on an account: Health Energy Center, Swedenbank,

BIC / Swift Hubblev 22,

Contes LV54HABA0551044682289

To ensure maximum impact on training, the number of participants in the group is 3-4. Also, training is possible individually (4 days, 4-5 hours a day). Individually, you can agree on study dates and times, including weekends.

Record and searches on the phone. +371 29723256. Address: Bravas Ibala 103 - 23, Code 22, Raga

Training response:

I've met you for many years. Meeting you has made my life better. I discovered some talent within myself. Become less ill. There was a desire to learn, develop. In everyday life I often use fidelity and begin to notice that my loved ones are changing too. One

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