Calling and living - Cosmetics.

COSMOENERGETICS (CE) is a science based spiritual healing technique designed to restore a person's physical and mental health based on ancient knowledge and to improve his quality of life.

Will this always happen?

The first profession, a survey engineer, I received at the Moscow Institute of Land Management Engineers. The reading was fun - the student years are unique - and interesting. And I loved things, especially aerial photography, field geodesy and cartography. Distributing, she worked at Kamchatta at the Ziproject Design Institute. Kamchatka was beautiful. The work was boring. The endless routine of numbers fights, project development, and small assignments was not fun. The soul demands something else. In the romantic country of volcanoes and geezers, thoughts about the meaning of life saw me. It was awful: Is it forever: five routine work days, two days off - washing, cleaning, cooking for the whole week - and so month after month, year after year. I have had the pleasure of having a loving, caring wife, daughter and son in a family,

Unexpected forecast

At the end of 1990 we decided to return to Latvia. In 1991, the hit. The collapse of the union caused difficulty with my work activities. Surveyors were not required. I had to bring my own business. What we didn't do in those years! In the end, her friend opened a small shop with clothes on. Things were going on. And the soul still wanted something else.

And this friend, entrepreneurial fellow, entered the Astrology Academy. The teachers considered him a meritorious student. He practiced while studying in our family. I learned so much about myself from her! Particularly unexpected was the news that I was a naturopath or healer and within a few years healing became a topic of my life. There are those here! I immediately remembered that I had been playing "in the hospital" since childhood. Mom bought me the ibolit set and I used to "treat" dolls, a teddy bear and friends in the yard. And from my real hospital days to my school days they brought me written-off syringes, all kinds of metal medical gadgets and blood circulation systems.

A friend developed an interest in intellectualism in me. He advised me about different types of literature, I devoured the book. The book "Fundamentals of a New World Era" by Ai Clivovsky became a favorite. I studied every sentence, understanding it for six months. I didn't want to be busy in the store anymore.

An important meeting. Start the way

Soon, fate united me with the wife and student of astrologer Liana Mikhailovna Vronskaya, the legendary astrologer and healer Sergei Alexevich Vronsky. He compiled my zodiac sign and made sure that helping people was the way I should dedicate my life. Liana Mikhailovna gave me a lot of knowledge and helped me realize my healing skills. At his suggestion, I went to a healing, extra-sensitive and biomedical course, where I learned various healing techniques. Each other's people came to know about me, and flowed into the reception. The results of the work reinforced my own belief. After the sessions, people regain strength, recover healthy sleep, overcome anxiety and improve test results. So I started my journey as a healer.

Cosmoenergy burst into my life

Once, on a weekday, I started cleaning my house. Somehow on TV, I washed the dust. Suddenly my hearing was attracted by the indestructible word "cosmoenergy". I sat on the sofa and listened. They showed a program about Emil Bagirov, "around the world" to Emil Bagirov, the founder of the new brilliant method of healing. E as the curer of the year in host 3. Talked about giving the Golden Aquarius award to Bugirov It struck me as fact that he could train me willingly. It has been proven that unlike all other healing methods, cosmology works with natural energy-information fields, commonly known as "channels", and cosmopolitanism does not spend its healing power.

Two years later, I urgently needed to come to Moscow for a week. To help my beloved man, I bought the Oracle magazine on the street. During these years, this publication still interested me.memory. The urge to learn is immediately revealed on an intuitive level. I was surprised to see the dates: they coincided with my stay in Moscow and took only six days! The coincidence did not seem to be an accident, so the decision was made immediately: a call to school - and an appointment for a seminar!

The days of training went off pretty quickly. The material was quite modest and unusual but was easily non-existent

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